Below are some helpful descriptions about the different printing methods offered at Papertree.

Digital/Flat Printing
Endless options for colors! Digital printing is a combination of tiny little dots printed flat on paper to make letters and designs. It is the most cost effective way to print but looks beautiful when printed on the correct paper stock.

Letterpress Printing
Your design is pressed into a beautiful cotton paper stock with ink (or not!). A plate is created of the design which is hand set and pressed into the paper. Each ink color requires its own plate (which is why there is another cost associated with additional ink colors).

Hot Foil Press Printing
Foil press printing is very similar to letterpress printing in that your design is pressed into the paper. With foil press printing a metal plate is needed and the machine uses heat to press the metallic sheet into the paper. The pricing for foil press is a little more expensive because the plate cost is a bit higher.

Envelope Printing

We are happy to offer envelope printing. Printing services include foil, letterpress, and flat printing for the return addresses and reply envelope addressing. We also offer flat printed guest addressing.
**Please keep in mind that if you choose a dark colored envelope we will have to use white ink printing OR letterpress/foil the return address and opt for calligraphy for the guest addresses.

Sample documents for setting up your addresses are available. Please click here for a sample Excel document.